Sleep, or a Lack Thereof Series (Part 1)

by The Flesh, Full of Black Sand



For the past few years, I have wanted to do an album (or series) where I would have people record themselves telling their personal stories of sleep paralysis/night terrors/nightmares and place their spoken word recordings over my ambience. Each musical piece would be written/recorded after hearing each story, having each story be the inspiration.

This is the first installation of this series, with help from Noel Edie. Thank you very much, Noel, for sharing this story and for being a part of this series.


released February 3, 2017

Spoken word: Noel Edie




The Flesh, Full of Black Sand Tyler, Texas

Minimalistic, droning, dark ambient created by Dakota Snaketail.

Listen alone in a dark room with candles lit, or while you're falling asleep.

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